Top Tune Auto Repair now offers Alignment service. We're serious about keeping all of your repair and maintenance needs "in-house" in order to help save you time and money. By offering Alignment work, we are able to also incorporate other services such as, tire mounting, balancing and offer you super deals on new tires. It is crucial that not only a vehicle runs and operates well but it is very important that you get the best ride and performance when driving. Our skilled technicians can help keep you on a straight path while driving and ensure you get the most out of your new tires. In addition, proper suspension operation is carefully looked over before performing any type of alignment service, as it also takes part in achieving this service.

Top Tune Auto Repair technicians are ready to inspect your vehicle and help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Maybe your car pulls slightly to the right or left, or you've noticed your tires don't last like they used to, or tires are wearing improperly; maybe you just want your car to handle better and need your settings changed for performance.... whatever your need, we are here to assist and get the job done!

Please feel free to contact us or simply come in for an evaluation.
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